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The Harvard Boas Alumni Association

History & Purpose

For all Boas scholars, receiving the prestigious Frank Boas award made possible what was previously a mere dream: experiencing one of the most intellectually challenging environments in the world at Harvard University. This unique opportunity has not only had a dramatic impact on the professional lives of most of them. It has equally helped them to open their horizons and reshape their perception of the world.

Looking back to the past fifty years of existence of the Frank Boas scholarships, it is clear that the latter have achieved the core objectives which M. and Mrs Boas assigned them. These scholarships provided essential financial support to great talents who not only prove(d) influential in their careers, but also contribute(d) to improving society and humanity through excellence in research and education. It is fair to consider that they ultimately contributed to fostering mutual dialogue and understanding among nations. As ambassadors of these goals and values, Boas Scholars clearly constitue a ‘family’, in Frank Boas’s own words.

It is against that background that the Boas Alumni Association was officially set up in 2013. The Association, which is composed of a handful, highly-motivated scholars, aims:

  1. to develop an international network of policy-makers, professors, scientists, lawyers, artists, and civil servants who benefitted from the generosity of the Boas family to conduct research and/or graduate at Harvard; and
  2. to increase the visibility of Boas Scholarships and define appropriate strategies to keep attracting the very best candidates, with the assistance of the Fulbright Commission.

The Association’s core achievements include launching this new Boas website, creating a full-database of Boas Scholars (see Past scholars – Boas Scholars) printing folders to be distributed at universities and organising re-unions/conferences.

Each successful candidate is invited to join the Association and to draft a short text reflecting on his experience as a Boas Scholar at Harvard before the end of the academic year. That text is published on this website.

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For inquiries about the Association, please contact: stanislas.adam@curia.europa.eu

Boas Alumni Brief

Monday, April 22nd 2013.