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How to apply?

Applicants must apply to Harvard at the same time as the Fulbright application process below and be accepted at Harvard by the Spring. In February or March Harvard makes the decisions about which recommended finalists will receive the award and notifies the candidates. The Fulbright Commission gives a travel grant to supplement this award and makes this person a Fulbright grantee with all relevant Fulbright benefits.


noon on December 1


For those deadlines that fall on a weekend, please use the previous Friday at NOON (12pm) as the deadline to deliver all applications and supporting materials to the Fulbright office in Brussels.
September 15 : Competition opens.
Please note that you will need to address why you are applying for a Fulbright grant in your application. The Fulbright program is about mutual understanding: please explain very clearly in the application how you would carry out this mission.



FOREIGN FULBRIGHT SCHOLARS (will have a PhD by time of departure for the US):


Proof of PhD needed by April 1st of the following Dec 1st deadline for PhD candidates applying for the scholar category.
December 1 : Deadline to submit the online application form.
January : 10-minute interview in English (in person only) at the Commission for Educational Exchange in Brussels.
End January : Applicants notified by e-mail.
May : Notification of awards following admission at Harvard.
Mid-June : Pre-departure meeting at the U.S. Embassy and reception with the U.S. Ambassador
August : Departures to the U.S.

For tips about the Fulbright application process, candidates should refer to interviews with alumni and selected applicants on the Commission’s online advising channel.

All candidates not selected for the Harvard BOAS award in the fall are encouraged to re-apply to the general Fulbright competition in the spring.

See for further information: http://www.fulbright.be/awards/grants-for-belgian-and-luxembourgish-citizens/boas/