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Selection criteria

General Eligibility Requirements

Application for admission at Harvard university.
Candidates apply for admission to study at Harvard University at the same time as they apply for the scholarship. The Commission for Educational Exchange in Brussels will nominate a limited number of finalists to the Harvard Committee on General Scholarships which makes the final choice among the nominated candidates that have been admitted at Harvard University.

English Proficiency to be demonstrated by the TOEFL iBT test and, for the selected final candidates, by an interview.

Academic excellence, integrity and a commitment to public service to be shown by academic records, letters of recommendation, occupational interests and prior professional and personal accomplishments.

Willingness to return to their country of citizenship to share the newly acquired knowledge.

Recipients of the scholarships must travel to the US on a J-1 visa, which requires them to return to their country of permanent legal residency for at least two years at some point after their grant before they are allowed to return to the US to live or work permanently on an H, L, K or LPR visa. Candidates already in the United States at the time of application or who have spent significant time in the U.S. already – generally five years or more – are ineligible to apply.

General Selection Criteria

Outstanding academic record.
As admission to the Harvard LL.M. program is highly competitive, the academic requirements for the Boas scholarships are equally very high. An outstanding academic record is required, showing that the candidate has, on a regular basis, obtained high grades and/or ranks among the very top of his/her group. Especially for the Frank Boas Scholarship for International Legal Studies the demonstration of analytical and writing skills is of added value. The academic record and supporting documents should also demonstrate commitment and seriousness of purpose.

Clear project for study or research at Harvard
Applicants for Harvard Boas scholarships must have a clear, creative, and feasible plan or project for their study and research at Harvard. They should demonstrate why Harvard is the right place to realise it and show how their studies at Harvard will help them in achieving their personal and professional objectives for the future.

Commitment to public service
The Boas scholarships having been established with a commitment to public service, a defined subject or project which serves society as well as the applicant himself is important. Applicants who seek a career in law teaching and research, or public service fit the objective of the scholarships better than those pursuing a path in business or private practice.

Ambassadorial qualities
Preference is given to students and scholars interested in international educational and cultural exchanges who wish to ultimately return to Europe to share their newfound knowledge and experience after their grant has ended. Due credit will be given to prior achievements in social, cultural or political organisations which reflect ambassadorial qualities and the aptitude for leadership.