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Experiences of current Boas Scholars

Jasper Bossuyt (2015, Law)

“I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Tax Law at KU Leuven. At Harvard, I am enrolled as an LL.M. student in the International Tax Program (ITP). Harvard’s academic life is mind-blowing. I am taking both taxation and typical US courses such as constitutional law, allowing for close interaction and discussion with world-class professors. I also work as a research assistant for my corporate tax professor. The many opportunities on and around campus are overwhelming. I am on Harvard European Law Association’s board and play in two intramural basketball teams. I also regularly attend student-organized events, Boston Celtics games, the Boston Symphony Orchestra etc.

Living in Cambridge with its large student population is great. Most of my friends are LL.M. students but also Americans you meet in classes and social activities such as lunch talks, networking events or simply a bar.

The Boas program has an enormous value both for my career as well as my personal life. With its support, I can take the intellectually challenging classes at the world’s top law school while at the same time meeting and befriending extraordinary people from all over the world.”

Alexander Stevens (2015, Law)

“I am currently enrolled in the LLM program at Harvard Law School, having previously studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and the University of Oxford. After graduation, I will be joining the European Central Bank in Frankfurt as a trainee. My objective in pursuing the LLM program was to study the US perspective on financial regulation, but, as demonstrated by my fellow students, Harvard is the ideal setting to carry out any type of project. One is able to choose from a vast pool of courses in multiple schools. Small class sizes lead to thought provoking discussions, while the multiple legal clinics, societies and law reviews give you the opportunity to apply your skills. This doesn’t even take account of the frequent interactions with world-leading academics, daily conferences on miscellaneous topics, and the new perspectives provided by conversations with fellow students from all around the world.

Moreover, living in the US and discovering the American culture by travelling around the country and befriending American classmates and roommates, is truly stimulating. Coping with this year’s record-breaking snowstorms in Boston and seeing the local football team, the Patriots, winning the Super Bowl were exciting events. Particularly vivifying is being part of the school’s soccer team with players from six different continents. Overall, this has been a life-changing experience in terms of career prospects and personal enrichment.

For fifty years now, the Boas program has permitted and encouraged talented youths to achieve their projects. I feel very privileged to be part of this community of scholars and truly grateful for their support. I am committed to giving back in the future, to give young students the same chances I had.”


Testimonials from past scholars

Clara von Thüngen-Reichenbach (1)

Clara von Thüngen-Reichenbach

Born to a Belgian diplomat and a German artist, I led a nomadic childhood in Brussels, New York, Moscow, and Rome. Along the way, I acquired proficiency in English, Flemish, German, Italian and French. After a year abroad on Erasmus…

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Bram Devolder

Bram Devolder

After obtaining my law degree at Ghent University in 2015, I became a teaching assistant at KU Leuven (Centre for Methodology of Law) and started my doctoral research on regulatory disruption by the sharing economy under the supervision of Dean Bernard Tilleman….

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Friso Bostoen

Friso Bostoen

I feel immensely privileged to be a part of Harvard’s LL.M. class of 2019 as a Boas scholar. I obtained my initial master’s degree at KU Leuven in 2016 and started working as a Ph.D. researcher at my alma mater immediately afterwards. My…

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Laurens de Poorter

Laurens De Poorter

I am part of the MBA Class of 2020 at Harvard Business School. I was born and raised close to Antwerp, Belgium. Even as a child, I was fascinated how technology had such a big positive impact in our world. After…

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Tom vos

Tom Vos

I am currently a PhD Candidate at the KU Leuven (Belgium). I also did the research master in law at the KU Leuven, where I specialized in business law and tax law. Currently, my research is in the field of corporate law, and more…

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Richard Steppe

A few weeks ago, I completed an LL.M. degree (Master of Laws) at Harvard Law School. The year has passed surprisingly quickly, yet it was memorable at each step of the way. With 65 countries represented in the LL.M. class (and…

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Karin Zarifi (Netherlands, 2002, Law)

“I am convinced that my experience at HLS gives me access to any career I may dream of. (…) Even though I am thrilled for now, I do anticipate wanting to change careers in the future and trying my luck…

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Kristiaan Versluys (Belgium, 1979, Literature)

“Harvard was truly a formative experience. The predominant intellectual atmosphere I found there was one of open-minded liberalism. There was a reverence for the great books tradition, a revelling in the delights of aesthetic experience. The training was rigorous –…

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Thierry Sluysmans (Belgium, 1991, Medicine)

“My family was with me in Boston. Our daughters were 5 and 7 years old at the time. They are fluent in English and have a real open mind to the world and to other cultures, probably as a result…

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Ingiridur Ludviksdottir (Iceland, 2003, Law)

“At Harvard, I learned to appreciate even more than before the level of student participation by writing papers every week and other practical exercises, as well as class presentations. During the first months I found these study methods rather overwhelming,…

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Paul Heinerscheid (Luxembourg, 1978, Business Administration)

“The overriding benefit I drew from my two years at HBS have more to do with leadership training and general management perspectives and analysis than with specific technical courses, and it has been very beneficial to me in my professional…

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Luc Frieden (Luxembourg, 1988, Law)

“Harvard Law School is where one learns to strive for excellence and perfection. I learned so many things which in my later professional life as a lawyer and politician were extremely useful: hard work, careful analysis of a given problem,…

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Petra Foubert
(Belgium, 1999, Law)

“My LLM-year at the Harvard Law School was a landmark in both my professional and personal life. Professionally, I profited enormously from the academic atmosphere on and around the law school campus. Never before or since have I been taught…

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Grégor Chapelle (Belgium, 2004, Public Policy)

“Harvard didn’t only provide me with excellent teaching. It taught me to enjoy the quest for excellence. Before coming to the Kennedy School, I was of course committed to “doing my best”… But being in such a competitive environment with…

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Veerle Baekelandt (Belgium, 1993, Biology):

“During my PhD studies, the Frank Boas Scholarship for Graduate Study offered me the possibility for a research stay in the laboratory of Dr. Larry Benowitz at Children’s Hospital at Harvard University. This has been an extraordinary year that I…

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